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Monday, July 20, 2015

I have been approached by few of my friends who introduced this Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) programme “travel and get paid”. Sort of. They let me to watch a short clip where they go around the world cheaply. The video is really convincing…. Watch it below.

But what's the catch? You have to be a member of this MLM programme. Like many MLM, you need to get more people join under you and bla bla bla. See how it works? MLM is not a bad thing. I have joined quite a few MLM but specifically this one... I'll pass :)

I have several reasons why it doesn't suit me:
1) The monthly fee (Why should I pay for something that I will not use it frequently?)
2) The package cover  high-end hotels and major attractions (Really? I'm fine with cheap hotel/hostel. I'm an adventurous traveller. This package is for tourist or for someone who is lazy to do planning but where's the fun, right?)
3) The flight fare is not included (This is a major turn off for me)

Having said that, I am looking forward for anyone to sponsor/fund my trip. LOL.

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