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Monday, July 21, 2008

First, sorry to chin, fir and others for not coming to Chin's house last night. Karaoke-ing the whole night you guys ah~ I wanted to come but felt sleepy and been thinking about the meeting this morning, i cancel it last minute. I went to ITB lah bond not ICC... btw, you owe me something... =P the holiday is coming to an end this week... Whoah! I need more holiday~~ pleasssssseeeee pleassssseee~~ :P

I was at ITB this morning, doing our CDC/CN and NAM assignments.... The meeting runs from 8.30am till 11.15am. Sorry to Ayu and Mona coz i had to leave early this morning... huhu.. ITB's internet connection is suck! How can we do our research when there is limited or no connection at all?!! *Damn it*

We were at room 115 and some of CIS members were attending the meeting regarding CIS orientation next week..then, i heard the happy bday song next door... I didn't know who's b'day they sang to. I went out of the room and saw chacha coming out of the room. We had a little conversation.

Me: eh awal ko ke sini.. escape kah?
Chacha: Inda eh.. tadi dah ku gtau pat *entah sapa tu* minta kuar awal kan ke itb
Me: owh...
Chacha: ko tau payah kali ku kuar dri sana ah...
Me: Pasal?
Chacha: luar ampir bah durang paking *ia kuarkan hpnya and liatkan picturenya yg sampat ia ambil*
Me: atu banar... ampir... sikit lagi....
Chacha: biasa.. bek jua ku terer... *ketawa2*
Me: AHAHA *dlm ati iatah karang AHAHAHA*
Chacha: c azie tulung liatkan...
Me: *dlm ati toh nyangku... ada jua urg liatkan* AHAHAHA
Me: eh... sapa kan yg bday tu?
Chacha: Entah... mana aku tau... aku akhir dtg x ah...
Me: owh... *msih lagi inda tahu sapa bday*

Then, i went to meet some of my friends and asking sapa yg bday... RUPA-RUPANYA CHACHA B'DAY!!! Kuntut eh...kana main kan AHAHA anyway, happy b'day to YOU!! KAMBING!! AHAHAHA

Gjul also distributed our shirts this morning... I like the shirt much...it's one of a kind coz it is for our CIS department only hehe...

I like ugly betty~~~ thanks bond!!! suka ku!! AHAHA my MSN personal message "She's a ****?!!" was actually pointing to one of the women in ugly betty bah bond AHAHAHA you know who she is.... =P

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