Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Come to me~ come to me~ i need u~ u need me~ aha atoya cawir.. AHAHAHA

I received a message from Qis during the lecture saying that elaun is out already.. Yay! Dpt treat kmi ni =P ahahaha.. Baiduri bank.. That's it! Last 2 months,some of my friend (a/c in baiduri) didn't receive their elaun on time.. They only received the elaun for the last 2 months in july which was $600+.. Now,they receive another one.. Earlier than the other bank.. Yay! Treat me! =P I am really broke right now~~ hopefully my elaun will out in few days time..

Sometimes i wonder how i survived for the first three months at ITB without elaun.. This mainly experienced by the new intake.. Here are some of the tips which may help you to save money:

1) use diesel car

2) bring water/food from home either for breakfast or lunch

3) do not buy/loan laptop,wait for the allowance

4) apply for hostel if you are too distant or don't have transport

5) if you want to have lunch,buy nasi katok only.. If you are at ubd,you can have free drinks =D

6) share transport with friends

7) do not buy unneccessary things

I think that's all for now.. =D

elaun~ elaun~ elaun~

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