Monday, April 13, 2009

I have 1 more week to go before I finally resign from my current job. I got mixed feeling of leaving this company especially the IT department. I know that I won’t be here for too long but I’m so grateful to be given the chance to work here. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience since I started here. I still remember when I entered here for the first time, I was blank and I had to read a lot of notes and policies before I finally understand and know what to do. I am working under Security section. This section is quite new to IT dept and just started early of this year. So yeahh… I have to learn a lot of new things regarding security. Hmmm.. If I resign by next week, there will be nobody to replace me. Sigh. I wish there is somebody to come here this week, so that I can teach him/her as much as possible and that they able to continue my works. Actually, this IT dept needs a few of suitable applicants to fit into respective positions. I am hoping that some of my friends will be given the chance to work here. =)

“Sudah ko bergapren?”. AHAHA. Malar ni malar. My answers keep on changing. =) jangan tah balik-balik tanya waaaa… if mau sma me gtau saja… antar sja CV you… ada me panggil tu untuk interview.. AHAHAHAHA. biar tia cinta atu datang dengan sendirinya. =P

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