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Sunday, December 02, 2012

It was a great night last night. Spent my whole night with the rest of my old buddies, dinner at Buan Gusto and watched 'The Life of Pi' at the new Cinema (Times Square). I can say most of my weekends this month are 'free'. Free in a sense that I can go out with my friends/families either for dinner, movies, bowling, or etc ;)

I am impress with the storyline of 'The Life of Pi'. It sent a deep message to everyone who watch it. A great life lessons. It showed how the hardship of a young man who had to travel for many months in a small boat across the pacific ocean after his cargo ship sunk during a bad weather. I haven't finish the sentence yet. Lol. He had to travel in a small boat with the most furious animal, a Bengal tiger. A BENGAL TIGER?!!! SERIOUSLY??!!

I may not live for more than 3 days in an open sea with a TIGER!!!! The movie also shows how a religion can bring peace to himself and to trust God. The movie reminds of me when I was a kid. I'm a freethinker. I went to churches and study Islamic books. I believe God is exist. I don't pick which religion is better or what, but if you want to have peace within yourself, God is there to guide us.

I highly recommend people to watch the movie. Each and everyone of us has a different life story but you will learn something after you watch it. It will change your views of what life really means. Trust me. Go watch it! ;)

Or if you don't like that kind of movie, Twilight is still playing. LOL.

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