The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

We have heard so many advices from our parents, relatives, friends and lover but sometimes none of them make any sense when you know you don't need their advice. You just want them to listen to all your problems and that's it.

Advice? Fuck it. Sometimes the one that give advice to us are the one that need to listen to their advice themselves. Ouch. That applies to me too.

Below are some of the worst advices you probably encounter more than you can remember.

1) Study hard and you will get the job you wanted. (They lied. They just want you to study and wasting your time. 90% of the people actually end up with mismatch job)

2) You will find your true love one day. (Seriously? How many times have you been heartbroken?)

3) Be yourself. (They still judge you anyway!)

4) Live life to the fullest. (Aren't you enjoying life every second?)

5) Whatever happens, happens for a reason. (You should slap the person in the face. This is for a reason too.)

6) You need a lot of money to start business. (Err.. Hello? Haven't you heard of online business and you can start at $0).

I don't need to list all of it. This is not wiki. Cheers! 

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